Good Parenting Skill
  • Encourage your child to talk with you. He/she is full of new experience to Share and stories to tell.
  • Inculcate in your child the reading habit. Encourage him/her to read books.
  • Television can be fun and help your child to learn. Television viewing should be planned regularly around programmers telecast for children. Whenever possible watch television along with your child and talk about what you have seen.
  • Following set schedules for home study, recreations meal times etc. establishes consistency.
  • Encouraging him/her to make a time table for home study, recreation etc. and prepare his/her things for school for the next day develops organization.
  • Make your child responsible for a few household chores like keeping things in order, cleaning the table etc.
  • Praise your child. Praise works much better than threats in getting your child to do what you want. Telling the child 'you did a good job' when he/she does something right makes him/her want to do it again. Children who are treated with love and respect grow up to be happy and confident. Show genuine interest, patience and understanding. Help him/her to find answers to all his/her questions. Give him/her room to try new things, to make simple decisions and to explore new situations.

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